Berlinger Haus Pot - Aquamarine

Berlinger Haus

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Pot Berlinger Haus BH 6794.
"Material: forged aluminum with marble coating Size:
Pot with lid Ø24 * 6.5 cm 2.3L 1 pc.
Color: aquamarine.
Scratch-resistant - makes cleaning a "game"!
Suitable for the following types of countertops: electric, ceramic, gas, induction, halogen
Instructions for use:
- Please read the instructions for proper use of the product carefully.
- Preliminary preparation
- When removing all labels, carefully wash and rinse the cookware with a mild detergent and water. After that, dry them with a soft towel. Treat dishes with a little vegetable oil and wipe off the excess. This procedure preserves the effectiveness of the non-stick coating.
- Cleaning instructions
- After cooking, allow the dishes to cool to room temperature. Do not try to cool them by pouring cold water into the hot pot.
- Clean the cookware with a mild detergent and warm water. Ideally, use non-abrasive cleaning products designed for non-stick surfaces. Our vessels provide you with maximum efficiency with minimal effort.
- In addition, you can clean your cooking utensils in the dishwasher.

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