Terms of Service

Terms and conditions

  1. General terms

1.1. These general terms and conditions govern without restriction the sales of products made between www.berlingerhaus.co.za shop (Seller) and the Customers. Any order of a Product offered on the Site implies the Customer’s full acceptance of these Terms and conditions. They constitute, with the validation and confirmation of the order, the contract concluded between Seller and the Customer.

1.2 Seller reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time by publishing a new version on the site. The General Terms and Conditions of Sale are applicable for those, who placed an order on the site by adding items to card, accepting terms and conditions and clicking on “Checkout”, By visiting this website and or by placing any orders online, you agree to all terms and conditions listed here.

1.3 In the event of mistakes in product pricing, descriptions, SKU codes, images or other website data, the relevant parties will be notified and a resolution sought, in the event that a resolution cannot be found, customers may be refunded.

  1. Purpose

2.1. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale govern the rights and obligations of the Parties resulting from the sale of Products offered on the Site.

2.2. The products purchased via the site www.berlingerhaus.co.za are sold through the company “Royalty line Pty Ltd”, The official dealer of Royalty Line brand which offers them good quality products, delivered with all necessary accessories, as detailed on the store.

2.3. The validation of these Terms and Conditions of Sale, the order summary sent to the Customer by email and the Customer’s payment constitute proof of the conclusion of a contract between Seller and the Customer, which will be governed by these Terms and Conditions. Customers must be of legal age and have the legal capacity to conclude such a contract, otherwise it will not be valid.

  1. Personal data processing

3.1 Registration

3.1.1 The accuracy of the personal data provided by the Customer falls within his exclusive responsibility;

3.1.2. On the creation of his account, the Customer chooses a login and a password which will be specific to him to identify himself on the Site. He is responsible for keeping these elements confidential and do not provide it to any unauthorized third party individuals.

3.1.3. Using his identifiers, the Customer can access his account at any time (outside of temporary periods of maintenance of the Site) and place an Order, follow his Orders or deliveries in progress or manage his personal information.

3.2 Placing the order

3.2.1. The Customer may place orders on the site when he has entered his identifiers. He may add all Products identified as available to his shopping cart using the corresponding button, which will be indicated on the Site.

3.2.2. The shopping basket remains available and can be modified until the definitive validation of his purchase order by the Customer.

4.2.3. Once the content of his shopping basket is validated, the Customer can confirm his Order by completing the following steps:

  • Confirm the Products and the quantities selected;
  • Complete all the information requested by the Site;
  • Accept without reservation the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, by clicking on the button indicated;
  • Validate the payment, by clicking on the button indicated.

3.2.4. The Customer is entirely responsible for the accuracy of the identification and delivery information he provides to Seller by placing an Order on the Site.

  1. Issuing of invoices

After submitting an order in e-shop www.berlingerhaus.co.za , Buyer will receive an automatic e-mail with a bill. After receiving a payment, Seller will generate an invoice and send it Customer’s e-mail address.

  1. Delivery of the order

5.1. The Products will be delivered to the Customer after validation of the payment of the Order, whatever the method. The Customer will be informed of the shipment of the Products by email.

5.2. In the event where the Order includes Products whose availability dates differ from the time when the Order was placed, it will be shipped when all the Products are available, in a single dispatch.

5.3. The orders are being delivered within 1-7 business days (if exclusion is not provided). The delivery of Products is carried out for all the countries of the South Africa.

5.4. The Customer agrees, that the order might be late because of undefined circumstances (such as public holidays, delivery company delay, etc.). If Customer did not receive his order, the seller should be informed about the latency not later than 1 day after expected delivery date.

5.5. The products are delivered to the address indicated by the Customer when he places his Order on the Site. The Customer must check the completeness and the compliance of the information he provides to Seller. Petite

5.6. In case of delays, damage, total or partial losses of Products and/or of the Order, it is the responsibility of the Customer to contact the Seller not later than 1 business day after delivery on info@berlingerhaus.co.za. The Seller takes all responsibility to correct the mistake and disturbance made by his or third party individuals fault.

5.7 The seller reserves the right to cancel and refund the customer if the products are no longer available after the customer has placed their order.

5.8 The seller reserves the right to cancel and refund the customer due to pricing errors on the website after the customer has placed their order.

  1. Policy of return and refund

6.1. The Seller informs the Customer of all the technical characteristics of the Products offered for sale, in compliance with the information communicated by the makers of the Seller.

6.2. If the Customer found any lack of conformity or a hidden defect in the Products, he must immediately inform Seller about the fault within 7 business days after Delivery. In this case Product is being replaces with the quality item of the same model.

6.3. The Product return is being processed only after receiving Customers request, where Customer explains the reason of return. In such cases Seller takes the full responsibility to refund the following order or replace the item with the quality item of the same model.

6.4. In case of the price difference, made by Seller during the process of Order delivery and refund, Seller takes the full responsibility to refund the same price which is under lighted on Customer receipt. Although we try to present our pricing accurately, pricing errors may arise from time to time, in this case we will cancel orders and refund you.

6.5. In all cases Products must be sent in their original packaging, with any labels and accessories, in perfect condition for resale. They must not have been used, or damaged.

  1. Personal Data

7.1. In order to process Orders, the Seller collects certain personal information and data concerning the Customer.  Seller has taken all the necessary precautions to ensure the security of its files and the protection of its IT system, and to prevent in particular that the Personal Information of Customers is distorted, damaged or that an unauthorized third party can access it.

7.2. In order to process Orders, the Customer agrees to provide identity proving document to Seller and (or) to third party individual during delivery process.

7.3. By ticking option “Newsletter” on the Sellers site, Customer agrees for his personal information to be used for commercial or statistic purposes and not be provided to unauthorized third party individuals.

7.4. In order to process Orders, the Customer agrees that he is aware of his rights not to provide his personal data, but also is aware, that this data is necessary for customer’s identification and insures the proper and legal procedure of buying and selling process.

7.5. In order for information about Customer to be deleted, Customer should contact Seller on info@berlingerhaus.co.za.

  1. Delivery information

8.1. All information regarding order and delivery process, including shopping invoice will be sent to Customers e-mail address, provided during submission of Order;

8.2. All information regarding order, including shopping invoice can also be found on the Sellers Site, if the order was completed by a registered Customer;

8.3. All questions regarding order of delivery process can be submitted by the contact details, provided in “Contacts” on seller’s site www.berlingerhaus.co.za

  1.  Dispute

9.1. Seller and Customer agree, that all information (including these Terms and Conditions, information about Seller, description about Products and its technical characteristics, Customer’s option s for payment and delivery, Product warranty (if applicable)), was provided to Customer in writing.

9.2. These rules do not limit the Customers rights set out in the South African legislation.

9.3. All disagreements related to the purchase and sale agreement between the Seller and the Customer are settled by negotiation. Failing agreement, the dispute will be settled by South African legal acts.

9.4. The right to copy and data from Sellers Site is only allowed by receiving Sellers legal confirmation in writing.

9.5 We reserve the right to cancel orders due to website errors, product defects or for any unforeseen reasons. A full refund will be issued if we cancel your order.