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Berlinger Haus

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Pan with lid 12 cm enameled cast iron Black Rose Collection Berlinger Haus BH 6490 will bring you a plus efficiency in your kitchen.
Made of top materials and adapted to the daily needs of modern people, this cast iron pan with enameled coating helps you save up to 50% of electricity. The vessel retains heat very well due to the turbo inductive base and the lid provided with a stainless steel outer ring that fits perfectly. Also, the pan has two side handles, ergonomic that facilitates grip.
If you have a dishwasher, you can clean it directly with confidence. Otherwise, washing can be done manually, with a minimum of water and detergent. This is possible due to the smooth, anti-stick finish and ease to sanitize.
It is compatible with multiple heat sources: gas hob, electric hob, stove, induction hob. This makes it particularly malleable (use it on the electric stove in the kitchen but also on the induction hob in the summer kitchen, etc.).
All the materials from which the pan is made are friendly to the natural environment and combined in a creative, practical way.
Product Specifications:
- Diameter: 12 cm
- Height: 5.8 cm
- Interior color: Black
- Exterior color: Black
- Handle color: Black
The base is intelligently designed and works on various heat sources, gas hob, electric hob, and induction hob.
The pan and lid are made of ECO-Friendly materials, without PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid), LEAD, or CADMIUM. It is very efficient and completes a well-equipped kitchen

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