Berlinger Haus Cutlery set 24 pieces - Champagne

Berlinger Haus Cutlery set 24 pieces - Champagne

Berlinger Haus

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Product Features:
- Material:
- Stainless steel with a full Mirror finish
- Colour: Champagne
The set includes:
- Table knife 7.00 mm x 6 pcs
- Table fork 4.0 mm x 6 pcs
- Tablespoon 4.0 mm x 6 pcs
- Teaspoon 3.5 mm x 6 pcs
All Berlinger Haus utensils are made of high-quality stainless steel, according to the latest requirements for the production of utensils and under strict quality control. The utensils are dishwasher safe, however, due to the fine and delicate workmanship with a special coating – it is recommended that this model is washed by hand.
With proper use and careful maintenance, your Berlinger Haus BH/2624 will remain shiny, polished, and in good condition for a long time.
Devices with PVD coating:
The technology of decorative PVD coating (PVD – Physical vapor deposition) consists of a thin layer of ceramic coating with high adhesion, with a controlled thickness between 0.5 and 1.5 microns, deposited by highly ionized plasma in a high-vacuum chamber. Can be applied on all models of utensils with a matte or glossy accent.
The PVD coating is only a few microns thin but is hard and corrosion-resistant. Its molecules bind to those of the metal in such a way that it is very difficult (almost impossible) to remove them immediately after application. Contact with abrasive surfaces should be avoided.
It is recommended that all utensils covered with PVD not be cleaned in a dishwasher and never with abrasive or aggressive detergents, as well as coarse sponges.
– PVD coating is biocompatible – significantly reduces bacterial adhesion and proliferation;
Instructions for cleaning and storing utensils and accessories Berlinger Haus BH/2624:
Manual cleaning:
After use, wash utensils as soon as possible to avoid prolonged contact with food debris. Use hot water, a neutral and mild detergent and a smooth sponge. After washing, dry immediately with a soft cloth.

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