Berlinger Haus Stainless Steel Toilet Brush and Paper Holder - Emerald Edition

Berlinger Haus

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Berlinger Haus was born in the heart of Europe, in Hungary
Inspired by the great Europe kitchens, Berlinger Haus began making professional and Stylish Homeware almost 10 years ago
Constructed of the finest materials available to perfectly perform all of the classic techniques, Berlinger Haus Homeware continues a long tradition of excellence
Our commitment to quality and innovation continues with our Stylish Homeware, designed to meet the demands everywhere.

This Berlinger Haus toilet Set with toilet brush holder and toilet tissue dispenser is in stainless steel and Silver in Color Rust free. It includes a removable protective plastic inner cup. The 2-in-1 function and High Style will make any bathroom beautiful,modern, and Stylish. It has a round non-skid heavy rubber base that makes it very Stable. it can easily fit in small, tight places. Simple assembly is required.

This set is an attractive way to dispense toilet roll tissue, and the toilet bowl brush will keep your toilet clean. It is modern and functional. It complements and adds to the beauty of the modern bath decor.

Stainless Steel
Metallic Outside Color

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Green-Gold

MODEL: BH-6553

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